DbInsights lets you take a peek at what's inside your database by allowing you to easily create line charts and pie charts from your data.

DbInsights is meant to provide you with basic business intelligence insights with minimum efforts on your part. A web application in action is worth a thousand words, so be my guest and take a tour.


DbInsights can be installed for a Heroku application either via your Heroku dashboard or via the CLI:

$ heroku addons:create dbinsights

In order to generate charts on your data, DbInsights needs to be able to connect to your database. The easiest way to do that is to open the DbInsights interface either through the Heroku dashboard or from the CLI:

$ heroku addons:open dbinsights

You will be prompted for an Heroku OAuth permission, DbInsights will fetch and store an encrypted version of the DATABASE_URL of your application (removing the add-on from your application will delete that info from the DbInsights database).



The introduction tutorial walks you through the very basics of DbInsights by showing you how to create a simple line chart and a pie chart.

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Multiline charts

Multiline charts can easily be configured with the "split by" field.

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Reference data

Reference data configuration lets you obtain more readable pies and query results from your data.

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Reports allow you to group multiple elements on the same page and share them with non technical users.

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Help pages

  • Scope conditions — explains how to use this field when creating charts
  • Queries — what you can do with queries, how you can graph the results
  • Reports integration — how you can integrate a DbInsights report
  • Reference data — explains the purpose and use of reference data configuration
  • Cohort analysis — explains the purpose and use of cohort analysis on graphs
  • Changelog — chronological list of additions or modifications to DbInsights
  • FAQ — a list of frequently asked questions and their associated answer