By default the week view displays the last 10 full weeks (starting on Monday) and the current unfinished week. If you uncheck the Show incomplete data checkbox in the advanced settings of your graph, it will only display full weeks.

In terms of labeling, the default is to label the x-axis with the week number of the year. If you'd rather have the date of the first day of the week as labels, you can go to your Settings in the Date formats pane and change the Weekly format to %m/%d for instance.

DbInsights works equally well with a shared database or a dedicated database on Heroku and the installation instructions are the same in both cases.

In PostgreSQL, tables are searched by default in a schema named "public".

If you need to access tables in a different schema, you can customize the search path by specifying it in your database URL (in the Settings screen) :


You can also specify multiple schema names by separating them with a comma :